Demo 2016

by Shadow Of Lies

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released May 19, 2016

Recorded in 6 hours at lonely road studios with Jake Clarke



all rights reserved


Shadow Of Lies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kyle- Bass
Tyler- Drums
Jannes- Guitar
Bob- Vocals

Tapes available below

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Track Name: Scab
How much bullshit
Am I supposed to take
How many lies
To prove you're a fake
For years and years I tried
To see the other side
We both know the truth
Don't try and tell me otherwise

No trust
In who you are
I don't believe a single world
No trust
I don't believe a fucking word
Track Name: Never a Doubt
I always knew
You'd be the first to move on
From the minute I saw you
It was just a matter of time

I knew right from the start
You weren't made for this shit
Hope you enjoyed your little stay
Stay the fuck out of my way
Track Name: Just Talk
Put on an act
For everyone to see
All your fucking talk
About your bullshit unity

When the time comes
To stand by what you said
The things you believed
They all fall apart
They don't mean a single fucking thing

I see through your image
Your faded disguise
Quit hiding behind
Your wall of lies
Track Name: Descent
Put that shit up your fucking nose
Follow wherever the money goes
Sold yourself out no reason why
Sold us out no reason why

No fucking excuse
For this bullshit abuse
Track Name: Contention
No compromise
No fucking way

You're not gonna take this from me

Try and take this you'll never fucking win

Think you've got the upper hand
You better think again
It's us vs you
Us vs them

I won't let you fucking win